Meet the Radiology Team 
David Beatty Crawford, MB. (MD), FRCR  
Program Director 
Beatty grew up near Belfast in Northern Ireland. After his radiology residency in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, he was awarded a fellowship which brought him to the U.S.A. and Johns Hopkins Hospital. In 1975, he moved to Connecticut, where he worked at the University of Connecticut Health Center. It was during his time at UCONN that he came up with the idea of organizing an international radiology conference. 
His first conference was in Killarney, Ireland, in 1979. It was a huge success and thirty four years later he is still as passionate as ever about his vocation. In the late 1980’s Beatty left UCONN and formed Radiology International Inc. continuing with his passion for organizing international congresses. Over the years he has been Chief of Radiology at Sharon Hospital in Connecticut and was also a staff radiologist at The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio. He returned to Connecticut after retiring from being a full time radiologist and continued with locum work until 2007. 
Beatty now lives in Hillsborough, not far from Belfast, in Northern Ireland and spends part of his time in Provence, France, at his second home. His hobby is as a navigator (co-driver) in car rallies. 
Beatty Crawford MD
Denise Mora, CTC  
Operations Director 
Denise grew up in Connecticut and first worked with Beatty in 1980 when Connecticut Travel Service, the company for which she then worked, was selected to handle the travel portion of the Radiology in Killarney conference. Her skills and experience in planning meetings and events complemented perfectly with Beatty’s scientific skills. Together they have overcome many challenges, from hurricanes delaying flights to princesses and their huge entourages refusing to vacate hotel bedrooms. 
Over the past thirty -three years, Denise has been employed by a number of different travel companies but has always handled the travel aspect of the Radiology International conferences. In 2012, Beatty and Denise decided that it was time for a change. Denise is now happily dedicating herself full - time to the operational needs of the Radiology International conferences. Denise is also the President and Owner of Essential CME Inc. 
Denise resides in Avon, Connecticut and besides organizing conferences her favorite hobbies are golf and swimming. 
Denise Mora
F. Heather Crawford MA, H.Dip.Ed., DASE 
Marketing Director 
Heather grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and studied Modern Languages and English Literature at Trinity College in Dublin. She now lives in Hillsborough. Northern Ireland. She also holds post graduate qualifications in education. She was a teacher of English and English Literature for a number of years and continues to be involved in the United Kingdom state examinations process. 
Heather joined the team in 2010 and has since that time added greatly to the communication and marketing efforts of Radiology International. Her English skills keep all of our materials in order. Her sunny disposition and smiling face at the Hospitality Desk are always there to greet our attendees. 
Heather enjoys travelling, and working with Radiology International gives her this opportunity, in addition to allowing her to use her French and German language skills. 
Heather Fulton
Talong Ju, BS, MS  
IT Director 
Talong was born and grew up in Taiwan before leaving for the U.S.A. twenty five years ago. His BS is in electrical engineering and his MS is in computer science. He is currently employed by a hospital group as a PACS administrator. 
In 2005, when Radiology International was planning a conference in China, Beatty met Talong, who was then handling PACS in the radiology department. As they say, the rest is history. Talong took charge of the audio- visual requirements in China and of course his command of the Chinese language was invaluable. He was so essential to our efforts that he has since become an important member of our team handling all of the technical and IT elements. 
Talong can often be seen walking or running in and around the conference site. He is a confirmed vegan and exercise is part of his daily life. He lives in West Simsbury, Connecticut with his wife Shumei and his two children. 
Kim Bentley, BS, CHCP 
CME Director 
Kim grew up in Indiana, but has made Alabama her home for over 20 years. She first started to work with Radiology International in 2009, as the person selected to process all accreditation requirements for the conference's CME credits. She has provided Radiology International with the necessary assistance to securing the proper approvals for a fully accredited program. Today, we are pleased to have her on our "Team" as our CME Director. 
Kim holds a BS degree in healthcare management and is currently the CME manager for a healthcare system in Birmingham, AL. In her spare time, Kim enjoys running and hiking. She has two teenage children and was newly married last Fall 2015. Kim has recently moved to a new home in Trussville, Alabama. 
Talong Ju
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