Scientific Program 
Monday, April 23                            Moderators: Dr. Crawford and Dr. Vilar 
7.30am Welcome – Dr. Crawford and Dr. Vilar 
7.35am Renal vascular disease - Dr. Pellerito 
8.20am MRI of Acute Bone and Cartilage Injuries - Dr. Feller 
9.05am Lung cancer staging – Dr. Vilar 
9.50am HRCT of Chronic Infiltrative Lung Disease: A Pattern Based Approach (Part 1) - Dr. Fuhrman 
10.30am Coffee 
10.45am Mediastinal tumours. – Dr. Vilar 
11.30am Cystic lesions of the pancreas. – Dr. Leyendecker 
12.15pm HRCT of Chronic Infiltrative Lung Disease: A Pattern Based Approach (Part 2) - Dr. Fuhrman 
1.00pm Inflammatory sinus disease(SAMS). – Dr. Shatzkes 
2.00pm Adjourn 
Tuesday, April 24                            Moderators: Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. Shatzkes 
7.30am Lung cancer screening: Current concepts - Dr. Fuhrman 
8.15am Ectopic pregnancy, pearls and pitfalls- Dr. Pellerito 
9.00am The chest radiograph revisited. Part 1 – Dr. Caceres 
9.45am Multiparametric MRI of the Prostate including PIRADS - Dr. Feller 
10.30am Coffee 
10.45am The chest radiograph revisited. Part 2. – Dr. Caceres 
11.30am Infectious and inflammatory disease of the temporal bone. - Dr. Shatzkes 
12.15am Why we love to hate the spleen. – Dr. Leyendecker 
1.00pm MRI of shoulder sports injuries (SAMS) – Dr. Feller 
2.00pm Adjourn 
Wednesday, April 25                       Moderators: Dr. Feller and Dr. Pellerito 
7.30am Multiparametric MRI of the Prostate: Beyond Prostate Cancer. What Else Can We See? - Dr. Feller 
8.15am Imaging of diplopia and vision loss. Dr. Shatzkes 
9.00am Problem solving in gynaecology - Dr. Pellerito 
9.45am Radiation protection in interventional radiology. – Dr. Lonjedo 
10.30am Coffee 
10.45am Lung cancer: Radiographic and pathologic correlation. –Dr. Fuhrman 
11.30am Interventional radiology in the musculoskeletal system- Dr. Lonjedo 
12.15pm Evaluation of pelvic pain - Dr. Pellerito 
1.00pm Abdominal and pelvic complications of cancer Therapy (SAMS) – Dr. Leyendecker 
2.00pm Adjourn 
Thursday, April 26                            Moderators. Dr. Shatzkes and Dr. Fuhrman 
7.30am Vascular lesions of the head and neck.- Dr. Shatzkes 
8.15am Solid renal masses. – Dr. Leyendecker 
9.00am Functional imaging of the pancreas. – Dr. Luna 
9.45am MRI of running injuries. – Dr. Feller 
10.30am Coffee 
10.45am Pitfalls in MRI of the female pelvis. – Dr. Luna 
11.30am Imaging of Crohn’s disease. – Dr. Leyendecker 
12.15am Pitfalls in vascular imaging - Dr. Pellerito 
1.00pm The solitary pulmonary nodule (SAMS) - Dr. Fuhrman 
2.00pm Adjourn 
Friday, April 27                                   Moderators: Dr. Leyendecker and Dr. Crawford 
7.30am MRI of golf injuries. – Dr. Feller 
8.15am Imaging of diffuse and focal salivary disease. - Dr. Shatzkes 
9.00am Challenging (and fun) body imaging cases. – Dr. Leyendecker 
9.45am How to image epilepsy patients. Dr. Bargallo 
10.30am Coffee 
10.45am Case based review of interstitial lung disease- Dr. Fuhrman 
11.30am Neuro-fetal MRI. – Dr. Bargallo 
12.15pm Top 10 missed diagnosis in the head and neck. - Dr. Shatzkes 
1.00pm Gynecologic case challenge(SAMS) - Dr. Pellerito 
2.00pm Adjourn 
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