Radiology in Kyoto, Japan – Scientific Program 
Monday, April 26                                  Moderators: Dr. Pellerito  
7.30am      Welcome – Dr. Pellerito 
7.35am      Imaging of Common Cranial Neuropathies – Dr. Mukherji. 
8.20am      CNS Infections – Dr. Phillips. 
9.05am      Soft Tissue Tumors and Mimics – Dr. Smith. 
9.50am      Future of Radiology?? Ready or Not…Here It Comes!! - Dr. Mukherji. 
10.35am    Coffee 
10.50am    Imaging of the Solitary Pulmonary Nodule: State of the Art – Dr. White 
11.35am    Multisystem Imaging of Coronavirus – Dr. Pellerito. 
12.20pm    CT Evaluation of Adrenal Masses: The Radiologists Role (SAM) - Dr. Fishman 
1.05pm      Pulmonary Embolism: Old and New Insights (SAM) – Dr. White. 
2.05pm      Adjourn 
Tuesday, April 27                                 Moderators: Dr. Smith and Dr. Mukherji. 
7.30am      CT Evaluation of Liver Masses: Key Differential Diagnosis Pathways – Dr. Fishman. 
8.15am      Demystifying Bone Lesions: Benign and Malignant – Dr. Smith. 
9.00am      Sellar, Suprasellar and Parasellar Masses – Dr. Shatzkes. 
9.45am      Simplified Approach to the Lymph Nodes of the Neck – Dr. Mukherji. 
10.30am    Coffee 
10.45am    Lung Cancer Screening: Current Status– Dr. White. 
11.30am    CT Evaluation of Renal Masses: Key differentials Diagnosis Points – Dr. Fishman. 
12.15pm    Evaluation of Infertility – Dr. Pellerito. 
1.00pm      MS and Beyond: Demyelinating Disease of Adults (SAM) - Dr. Phillips. 
2.00pm      Adjourn 
Wednesday, April 28                            Moderators: Dr. Fishman and Dr. Philips 
7.30am      CT Imaging of Interstitial Lung Disease Part 1. – Dr. White. 
8.15am      Anatomy and Pathology of the Oral Cavity and Oropharynx – Dr. Mukherji. 
8.45am      Current Strategies in Carotid Diagnosis 2021 – Dr. Pellerito 
9.15am      CT Imaging of Interstitial Lung Disease Part 2. – Dr. White. 
9.45am      Missed Diagnosis in Body CT: Pearls and Pitfalls – Dr. Fishman. 
10.30am    Coffee 
10.45am    Stroke Update – Dr. Phillips 
11.30am    A Day In the Vascular Laboratory – Dr. Pellerito 
12.15pm    Imaging of the Elbow: The Throwing Athlete – Dr. Smith. 
1.00pm     Emergency Head and Neck Radiology: What to Expect at Night (SAM) - Dr. Mukherji. 
2.00pm     Adjourn 
Thursday, April 29                                Moderators. Dr. White and Dr. Smith 
7.30am      Pitfalls in Head & Neck Imaging – Dr. Mukherji. 
8.15am      Incidentalomas: How to Manage Them in a Busy Practice – Dr. Fishman. 
9.00am      MSK Ultrasound: A Primer – Dr. Smith. 
9.45am      Top 10 Missed Diagnoses in the Head & Neck – Dr. Shatzkes 
10.30am    Coffee 
10.45am    New Applications of Ultrasound Contrast - Dr. Pellerito 
11.30am    Patterns of Orbital Disease– Dr. Shatzkes. 
12.15pm    MDCT Evaluation of the Acute Chest Pain – Dr. White. 
1.00pm      Imaging of the inflammatory Arthropathies (SAM) – Dr. Smith. 
2.00pm      Adjourn 
Friday, April 30                                       Moderators: Dr. Fishman and Dr. Pellerito. 
7.30am      Degenerative Spine Disease: A Primer – Dr. Phillips. 
8.15am      Evaluation of Ectopic Pregnancy – Dr. Pellerito 
9.00am      Sinonasal Tumors: What You Need to Know - Dr. Mukherji. 
9.45am      Imaging of the Ankle and Foot – Dr. Smith. 
10.30am.   Coffee 
10.45am    The Evolving Role of Social Media in Radiology – Dr. Fishman. 
11.15am    Imaging Spectrum of Motorcycle Injuries - Dr. Smith. 
11.45am    Pitfalls in Vascular Imaging – Dr. Pellerito 
12.15pm    Cardiac CT: State of the Art – Dr. White. 
1.00pm      CT Evaluation of Adrenal Masses: The Radiologists Role (SAM) - Dr. Fishman. 
2.00pm      Adjourn 
The conference has been awarded 31.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ accredited by Essential CME Inc., 
945 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06107 USA, Telephone (001) 205.317.5953. 
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