Radiology in the Basque Country 
San Sebastian, Spain & Biarritz, France 
October 8 – 14, 2017 
San Sebastian, Spain 
In association with the Hospital Universitario Cruces, Bizkaia, Spain, 
Radiology International Inc. is pleased to present Radiology in the Basque Country. 
The Basque people have inhabited the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains around the Bay of Biscay in northern Spain and southern France for thousands of years. They are the oldest surviving ethnic group in Europe. The Basques have prospered, despite the frequent suppression of their distinctive language and culture. The Basque Country is composed of four historic provinces in Spain and three historic provinces in France which are united by language and common national traditions. In Spain, the Basque provinces are an autonomous region with a Basque government, while the French provinces answer to the central French government in Paris. 
Biarritz, Old Harbor 
While the French part of the Basque region is sometimes undervalued in comparison to the better-known regions of Provence and the French Riviera, it would not be correct to say that the region is undiscovered or undeveloped. Once you cross the border into France, the landscape changes from green hills to the craggy foothills of the Pyrenees. Coastal towns sometimes have steep and rocky coasts. In less than an hour, we will arrive in glamorous Biarritz, less than ten miles from unspoiled mountain villages. Biarritz - in its heyday renowned for its elegance and a favored haunt of the rich and famous - is considered the surfing capital of Europe. The Atlantic breakers surging onto its beaches provide excellent surfing conditions. 
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